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What part schools can play in career guidance?


Guiding the students to their ideal career is part of a school’s responsibility. During elementary and junior high school times students go through many subjects. In high school they get to choose certain subjects; however, setting the right foundation from the early ages is important. Hence the best thing is to organize a career fair for the students at school and let them have an idea of what to do when they go in to the society.


Pick a team


If you are appointed the main organizer or if you are the principal of the school, first thing to do is to pick a team which can take care of the fair. Once the team is finalized you can work on an action plan and set steps to be taken prior to the fare. During the fair and even after it, for example, contacting various companies to see what professionals can come for the fair, preparing the venue and deciding the times, any stalls that need to be done, refreshments need to be set up, promotional materials that are to be developed etc. must be decided once the number of companies are confirmed. Another person should be allocated to co-ordinate with the participants to keep them on the loop, share the plan for the day, any special sessions for the students and any other matters regarding the fair.


Marketing the event


It is not enough just to host this kind of an event. First you must make sure the students are participating in this. Of course you can have a rule that one must visit the fair, however to make the students actually have an interest in what the fair has to offer, you have to design a marketing plan. You can use social media and physical means such as handouts. Send out an email campaign and simultaneously, design social media posts which will run on several platforms. Make it sound interesting and use vibrant colours and other attractive means for the students. When it comes to Physical aids, you can print banner Singapore and have it at the entrance of the school where everyone arriving at school, students and parents alike, will see it. That way, parents will be acknowledged about this and encourage their kids to take part.

Post-event matters


If this is the first attempt of the school of having a career fair you must measure the outcomes. Send out another emailer or you can simply have a poll within social media for the students. Ask whether this was a good idea or not; if you want further details about the event perhaps each student can do a small report or a presentation on what they learnt and how important to the career fair was  for them. For future fairs, which professions are portrayed has to be updated; for example having a doctor, a lawyer and an engineer probably is totally outdated as of now. You can target software professionals and others such up and coming careers.


Career guidance is very important for all the students to have an idea of their future. If not the students will end up in a job they hate and suffer for the rest of their lives.


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