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The International Student’s Guide to Studying in Australia


Making the big decision to go abroad and further your studies in unfamiliar territories can be overwhelming but if you make the right steps and avoid making the wrong decisions, you can make this an unforgettable experience- and who knows, you might even decide to settle down there as well!

Be informed

There are plenty of australian visa consultants in Hyderabad, for example, that a prospective student should without a doubt go through. Once you’ve been accepted into your university, then comes the other hard part. You absolutely must know everything about your visa and the process behind it- learn your restrictions and make sure everything is perfect so you don’t find yourself in trouble once you actually land in Australia. Make this as smooth a process as it can possibly be by equipping yourself with the right professional guidance.

Consider your support options

Always look out for the possibility of financial support through scholarships, financial aids for overseas students etc. While you’re going to Australia for that recognized degree and the undeniable opportunity to study abroad, your expenses can be cut considerably shorter if you look for such support.

Be adventurous

If you’ve saved up the money for it, try to experience as much of the culture as you possibly can. Yes, your exams are important so study responsibly but also learn how to take a breather every once in a while and truly enjoy the opportunity you’ve been given. Eat authentic Australian food, volunteer with local organizations, travel on your vacations- whatever you can afford to support, you should definitely go through with.

Spend wisely

Let’s note that the above option applies for when you’ve saved yourself enough money to do so. We don’t want you breaking the piggy bank at every occasion and eventually finding yourself in an uncomfortable situation.  When you do your grocery runs you can cut down by buying meat in bulk, or going for seasonal fruit or food specials etc.

Look for Part time work

As an international student you’re eligible for a certain number of hours worth of part time work. This will allow you to save up some money for your personal use or to contribute towards your studies. There are plenty of opportunities for young students looking for part time work so if your aim is to save up and experience the very best Australia has to offer, part time work is a great way to get about doing it.

As an international student, you’re going to face new things around every corner. Take the time to educate yourself on how processes work, focus on your studies but don’t forget to catch your breath once in a while and enjoy Australia as a whole.

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