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Latest Trends in Print Media


With the rising technological tyranny many may assume that print advertising like a commodity of the legendary days however business should not ignore the influence and the power printed media possess. With businesses leaning more towards digital medial which is growing exponentially many tends to forget to take advantage of every marketing medium available in order to gain a large consumer base you should always be in trend in both digital and print media marketing to compete and be ahead of the game surpassing your competitors. As tactile creatures we are always inclined to trust what we see and what we can grasp this is why print marketing remains compelling, engaging and develops credibility. Shown below are some of the unique and timeless trends used in print media that business and other institutions alike can take advantage of using print marketing strengths.

Make it Simple, Keep it Clean

We are all aware of the saying’ less is more’ this cannot be truer especially considering the field of marketing and advertising in the modern world. In an era where everything is made, build and introduced in an obnoxious and grandeur manner consumers crave for the return of elegant simplicity. An eye catching picture to showcase your product incorporated with a short simple catchy text with plenty of white space will surely draw the attention of your target audience. Pull up banners are also widely known in advertising which are often used in presentations, shopping malls, exhibitions and trade shows simply designed to attract attention in a tasteful manner without being a major distraction.  Roll up banners Singapore will assist you in designing a trendy uniquely creative styled banner that will ideally suit your needs, display your product or business in a fashion that will grasp the attention of the audience effortlessly.

Combining Print Advertising with Digital

A perfect collaboration between digital and print marketing campaigns is the perfect recipe to boost sales and revenue the combination of these two trends develops the most innovative and creative campaigns in today’s advertising trends. By including specific QR codes in your print marketing connects people to your digital platforms or your business website allowing your customers to go directly to a landing page may it be an instagram account, a facebook account etc. that allows them to further research the product or service. Building an effective system of brand engagement that runs both online and offline.

Add a Splash of Color and Include Unique Coupon Codes

Color is a critical component in print advertising colors has the ability to change our moods so it has the ability to make or break a good print design. Presently bold colors are making a comeback as they reflect the intense lifestyles we face day after day. Coupons are well known in advertising but now it has taken a step further by introducing unique coupon codes which are more targeted than generic ones. It makes the customers feel special and valued individually with also has the potential of attracting new customers. Which will lead to a boost in your sales.



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