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Improving your florist business in the commercial hub of Asia


Even though it seems like people only “used to” bring flowers and it does not happen anymore, that is not the case. Flowers are still very much in demand especially in events and ceremonies such as weddings, funerals and even birthdays, flowers have a high demand. It is indeed a way of saying congratulations, I love you, or best of luck rather than just giving a card or even saying it in person.


Do you have a florist business in Singapore?


Singapore is the commercial hub in Southeast Asia. The port of Singapore handles a large quantity of goods per day. It has set records on that. Singapore is a highly commercialized city where starting a business is quiet easy. Whatever the business you are hoping to have, it is first advisable to look into the market. As it is evident that flowers are still in business you can start something in relation to that. However, growing flowers is a separate task. For that you need horticultural knowledge. In that case if you do not have the relevant knowhow you can hire someone who has.

Understand the market


Understanding who your customers are is very important. This matters when you choose a venue for your business, decide on which marketing channels to use, determine on pricing and so many more things. You might want to imagine innovative ways of reaching potential customers; without just sticking in to the occasional birthday, wedding or event, you can talk tofuneral casket services Singapore to initiate a new line of business where you provide flowers and other required floral items for funerals. Most of the time when a loved one departs, the family or close relatives may forget to order necessary things; by pairing up with a funeral service you can promote that business as well as improve yours. Before you go off and pair up with business partners though, you have to ensure that you can handle the volumes of demand.

Customer service


Something you badly need in this business is empathy. You must understand the customer’s requirement; you might want to hire someone who can be a bit of a mind reader; they need to realizewhat sort of an emotional situation the customer is in. Are they happy and want something cheerful? Or are they sad and need to express that? Or, most importantly are they in love? Flowers can say a lot of things and you need to be the one who compose that sonnet for them. As Singapore is an Asian country you will undoubtedly have all sorts of oriental events and hence customers. Make use of that as well.


Running your own business is a dream come true to most people. Having a business such as a florists’ is not only interesting but also a lovely way to earn your keep.





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