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Factors to Consider in Designing Your Promotional Adverts as Stand-Up Signs


Designing any form of promotional material that reflects your brand identity needs careful planning. Time needs to be allocated and professionals need to be hired to create artwork and content that really stand out in the crowd. One also need to remember that the structure or the format of the promotional mechanism needs to be considered in the design process such as for flyers, brochure etc.

One of the most versatile and heavily used promotional tools these days is the standee banner. It is a convenient tool that can be transported and set up easily. However all this versatility will not be of any use of you do not plan well the content that go on it. Therefore let’s look at some important factors that must be considered.

  • What is in colour: this is one major factor that can actually make your advert stand out or let it get totally ignored. Colour can be used to great affect so your audience is drawn to the content on it. However make sure that you do not add too much colour or use too many different ones as they can be very distracting. There are different colours used by different industries so, you might want to check them out.


  • Artwork: graphics and other forms of artwork or photographs can really send an impactful message. Oftentimes you will find that one carefully designed image can tell more than a lot of words. However make sure that the content you use if of high quality and in high resolution. Nothing says poor quality than a heavily distorted image on an advertisement.


  • Branding: this goes without saying, any corporate advertisements that go up on stands must have the corporate colours and logo effectively used. There should ideally be a corporate branding standard that any adverts should follow. This is important for consistency of your brand image and identity.


  • Font: the content on the advert needs to be readable from a distance, so chose the font carefully and do not try to use too many different kinds of fonts and it will be too crowded and distracting. Keep the words also minimal for best impact. Placement of the fonts on the printed area also must be taken in to consideration.

  • Placement: another important aspect to remember is the location you will use your banner stand. For an example if you use it outdoors in an open area, almost all of the surface of the banner can be used for your content, however if it is for a conference or a function that will have tables and chairs for the audience to sit in, then you must make sure that the banner has important content on the top area.

Hope these tips will be useful in creating effective material in the future.

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