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A Guide to Making Use of Your Amateur Cooking Skills


There is a high chance that you possess the skill set, acquired over time and practice in the kitchen, that will make you valuable to any chef, if you identify as someone who is enthusiastic about food and creating dishes. If you’re looking to capitalize on your capabilities as an amateur chef, read on.



It is common knowledge that amateur cooks take refuge under the wing of a great Head Chef of a famous restaurant – you can apply yourself in order to achieve that as well. There is a route that you have to follow in order to get there, but the best part about being amateur is that they do not expect a professional qualification from you to let you pursue your apprenticeship. If you are hoping to build your career around the culinary arts, this is advantageous for you – you can become an apprentice while completing your qualification as well. The main requirement for applying for apprenticeship is work experience in a kitchen, which you can easily find with the right resources.


You may not be a professional, but you can always share your innovations with the world. If you aren’t camera shy and have recipes of your own making, all it takes is a bit of editing for you to form create cooking videos which you can publish online. If you are able to create a website and build it into your very own food blog, you are almost guaranteed that your recipes will be referred to and bought by the community of amateur cooks online. You can also conduct classes at home or at a different venue; maybe for children or adults or both.


Joining a Venture

The world is full of opportunities – if you want to dive into an established institution, you can enrol for jobs at various start-up companies that do not seek professionals. There are many outfits that cater to food needs and cooking needs of individuals and businesses that would be glad to have more hands on deck. If you know where to look, you can easily access quite a few interesting ventures that aims at culinary satisfaction: catering companies, cake making and designing bakeries, creatives involved in using cooking as a method of team building and cooperation in the workplace, individuals with innovative ideas for eateries etc. You could pick a team building venue Singapore for this.

Opening a Restaurant

If you have the money and the dedication, you do not need to have a degree in the gastronomical arts to be a vendor of fine foods. You do not have to stick to convention – you can manage a food truck, a food stall or a delivery only food service. You need only advice on how to start, how to market yourself to the people and how to manage something of the scale you wish to perform it on – things that you can receive with little trouble on your part. This is a popular method nowadays; new places with new ideas are popping up everywhere! The best thing about being creative is that it never gets old.


Your skills and capabilities are what you judge them to be. Finding something you want to do must depend on that, along with other factors you consider crucial. Whatever avenue you choose, you have so much room to develop in this enthusiastic world.


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